The Israel Innovation Authority - Special Meetings with our Representatives

October 13, 2020

This is a closed event for Israeli Startups and Companies.

Representatives of the Israel Innovation Authority are waiting to e-meet you and introduce the various incentives programs and grants the Authority offers as well as answer your questions.
E-meeting venues are divided thematically, and you may select to attend up to 2 meetings per participant. Each e-meeting will hold up to 20 participants and rotate every 30 minutes.

For further information, please contact us at: [email protected]

Meeting schedule includes the following themes:


The Startup Division offers unique tools to support the early developmental stages of technological initiatives at the pre-seed or initial R&D stages, thus helping transform their ideas into reality while reaching significant funding milestones.

Moderated by Salit Lev & Chai Avital

> Ideation (Tnufa) Incentive Program
> Technological Incubators Incentive Program 
> Biotechnological Incubators Incentive Program
> Technological Innovation Labs Incentive Program 
> Entrepreneurship Incubators in the Periphery Incentive Program (Pilot)
> Young Entrepreneurship Incentive Program
> Advancing Technology Entrepreneurship in Haifa Incentive Program

For information about the program after the event, contact [email protected]


The Growth Division operates a wide range of incentive programs that assist hi-tech companies in the sales growth stage as well as mature hi-tech companies that utilize growth channels based on technological innovation and/or seek assistance in funding innovative research and development.

Moderated by Itay Beck & Inbar Blum

> R&D Fund – Support of R&D and Encouragement of Technological Innovation 
Promotion of Analysis Capabilities for Investment in the High-Tech Industry by Institutional Capital Market Entities. 
> Support for Pilot Programs with Government Facilities as Beta Sites - Companies can benefit from field testing funding in public infrastructures for their products/ technologies at TRL 6-8. Moreover, government entities adjust regulations in order to promote innovation during the pilot.  

For information about the program after the event, contact [email protected] 


The Societal Challenges Division focuses on improving the effectiveness and quality of public sector services, as well as enhancing social welfare and quality of life through technological innovation.

Moderated by Kheir Abd Elrazek & Hila Katz

Human Capital Incentive Programs:

> Coding Bootcamps
> Juniors in High-Tech positions
> Association for Advanced Technology Training
> Back to Tech
> Foreign Expert Visa 
> Incentives for Women, Ultra-Orthodox and Minorities
> Human Capital Development Fund
R&D Incentive Programs:
> Gov-Tech - Promoting Innovation for Public Sector Challenges
> Assistive Technology for the Disabled
> GCI - Grand Challenge Israel

For information about the program after the event, contact [email protected].


The International Collaboration Division is responsible for coordinating international collaboration in innovative R&D knowledge and technology between Israeli companies and counterpart organizations abroad, thus offering various competitive advantages for the Israeli industry in the global market.
Operated by the North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets Desks, support for such strategic alliances is made possible through an array of bilateral cooperation agreements and bi-national funds.

Moderated by Nofar Hamrany & Ella Heller

> Bilateral R&D Programs - Funding joint R&D projects between Israeli companies and their overseas partners  > Pilot  Programs - Companies can benefit from field testing funding in foreign infrastructures for their products/ technologies

For information about the program after the event, contact [email protected].


ISERD, the Israel-Europe Research & Innovation Directorate, is the division responsible for promoting participation of Israeli entities in European R&I activity. In addition it is Israel's National Contact Point for participation in the European Framework programs, and is responsible for promoting the participation of Israeli entities in in the European Framework Programs and in bilateral and multilateral research and innovation activities with European countries. 

Moderated by Talia Passiar

> Horizon 2020
> European Green Deal
> Horizon Europe
> QuantERA
> FlagERA
> M. Era Net
> ICT Agri
> ChistERA
> Track 37

For information about the program after the event, contact [email protected].

October 13, 2020